Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How To Gain Khusu' in Solah

What is Khushu ?

Khushu during Salah is misunderstood by some people as crying and weeping.
Rather, it is the presence of the heart during an act of Ibadah.
When a persons heart is fully occupied of what he says or hears, he is in a true state of Khushu.

The concept of Khushu in Salah is very essential.

1- It is a vital factor in making a person successful in this life and in later life.

"Indeed, the believers, who have Khushu' in their Salah, are the winners." [Noble Quran 23:1-2]

2-It is a contributing factor for the acceptance of Salah.

3- It is a way to gain more rewards from the Almighty Allah; the more the Khushu a person has, the more rewards he gets.

4- Without Khushu the heart cannot easily be purified.

Ways to Gain Khushu

A. Pre-Salah

1- A Muslim should know his Lord very well. Knowing whom one worships makes a person a better worshipper. Having clear and authentic knowledge about Allah increases His love in our hearts. Consequently, faith also increases.

2- Avoiding major and minor sins is very helpful in gaining Khushu, as the heart becomes more receptive to the words of Allah during and after Salah.

3- Reciting the Quran frequently and consistently softens the hearts and prepares it for Khushu. Hard hearts do not gain Khushu.

4- Minimize attachment to worldly matters. Gearing ones intentions towards the Afterlife helps against the temptations of life.

5- Avoid excessive laughter and useless arguments as they harden the heart and lead to heedlessness.

6- Stop working as soon as you hear the Adhan. When you listen attentively to the call of Salah repeat after the muezzin then offer the relevant supplication. This prepares you for a smooth transition from the business with worldly matters to the business with Salah.

7- Performing Wudu immediately after hearing the Adhan prepares you for the pending Salah. Wudu also works as a buffer zone before engaging in Salah.

8- Going to the mosque early for praying and continuing mention of Allah drives Satan away and help gain concentration.

9- The waiting time for the congregational Salah helps create a buffer zone between the state of mind before Salah and the state of during Salah.

B. During Salah

1- The Iqamah itself is a final signal to the mind to be well prepared for performing the actual Salah. Remember what the messenger of Allah said to Bilal "Let us enjoy the comfort of the Salah."

2- When you stand facing the Qiblah remember the following:
a. It might be the last Salah in your life. There is no guarantee to live longer to catch the next Salah.

b. You are standing between the hands of Allah, the Lord of the worlds. How can you be busy with something else?

c. The angel of death is chasing you.

3- Do not forget to make Isti`azah. It wards off Satans whispers.

4- Keep your eyes focused on the place of Sujud. This helps you gain more concentration.

5- When reciting the Fatihah, try to recall the response of Allah to you after every Ayah you say. (When you say: "al-Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alamin) Allah responds: "My servant praised me." etc. This feeling of speaking to Allah puts you in the right mood of Khushu.

6- Beautifying the recitation of the Quran has a positive impact on the heart.

7- Recite the Quran slowly and reflect upon its meaning deeply.

8- It is recommended to change the Surah that your recite from time to time to avoid the mechanic-like state of repetition.

9- Alternate between the various authentic Sunan such as proclaiming a different opening supplication in every Salah.

10- Undoubtedly, understanding Arabic helps you focus on the intended meaning.

11- Interact with the recited Ayahs;

a. if you hear an Ayah about Allah, glorify Him by saying "Subhanallah";

b. If you hear an Ayah about Hellfire,
say "Audzu Billahi Minan-Nar".

c. If you hear a command to make Istighfar, do it.

d. If you hear an Ayah that requests Tasbih, make Tasbih.

12- These forms of interactions are very helpful in keeping you focused.

13- When you prostrate, remember that this position brings you closer to Allah. Seize the opportunity to make sincere Duaa.
Invest these moments in making sincere supplications.

C- Post-Salah
1. When you make Taslim, make Istighfar to Allah as you might have made during Salah.

2. When you praise Allah, thank Him from the bottom of your heart that you have experienced the beauty of Salah in your heart. Getting used to this habit prepares your for the next Salah, as you will always be eager to focus in your prayer.

3. One perfection leads to another perfection. If some one perfects his Salah once, he would be self-motivated to continue on the same level.

(I picked this article from the internet for the mean of sharing knowledge. Try to apply it in our solah, InsyaAllah)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru 1432 Hijrah

Assalamu'alaikum saya ucapkan. Sedar atau tidak, kita sudah tiba di hujung tahun 1431 Hijrah. Mungkin kebanyakan orang tidak begitu mengambil berat akan Tahun Baru Hijrah tetapi ini adalah satu tarikh keramat yang membawa titik tolak yang begitu besar dalam perkembangan Islam. Bagaimana dakwah Islamiah boleh tersebar begitu meluas ke serata dunia adalah bermula dari penghijrahan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W ke kota Madinah. Secara ringkasnya, hijrah merupakan satu perubahan dari tidak baik kepada baik dan dari baik kepada lebih baik. Begitu banyak peristiwa telah berlaku sepanjang tahun ini dan kita sebagai umat Islam semakin giat ditekan oleh anasir-anasir luar yang ingin menjatuhkan kita. Bersempena tahun baru yang bakal menjelma, mari kita bersama menanamkan azam untuk memperbaiki diri ke arah yang lebih baik. Jika ada salah silap di antara kita, jangan malu untuk menegur dan jika kita ditegur, kita perlu menerima dengan hati yang terbuka. Saya juga insan biasa yang sering lupa dan turut melakukan kesilapan =)

Di sini saya selitkan link doa akhir tahun dan doa tahun baru.
Semoga kita bersama mendapat manfaat daripadanya, insyaAllah.

Friday, December 3, 2010

behind the name

Maybe you guys wander what is the real meaning behind this name that i chose for my blog. El Dia Del Amor is a spanish word that have meaning, 'The Days of Love'. Interesting isn't it? The reason for me to choose spanish word as a title is so simple, i just want something unique and different from anybody else. Why i use LOVE as subject? Don't get me wrong here, it's not that i want to be a new Romeo in modern era or whatsoever. I just want us to feel that everyday we live our life is based on love itself. Everyone have their own favorite things to do and if we keep doing the thing that we like again and again, before we know it, we will fall in love with it more deeply. As for myself, i like playing basketball. When playing basketball i got to feel many things inside me like anger, excitement and also pain (when losing to other team). When i kept repeated the same activities over and over again, i fall in love with the game. The bonds that i have with my other friends when in the game  is also very valuable for myself. We had so many fun teasing one another, laugh together and thats not something that you can achieve without LOVE. From other perspective especially for Muslim, without the love of Allah our Khaliq (creator), we are nothing compare to other living things. Allah gave us many gifts that we CAN'T never afford to pay back. From the moment we get out from our mother's womb until the very end of our life, the love of Allah will never fade away. We need to be grateful for that.
OK, i think thats the end of the line, hope to see you guys soon....
Peace Be Upon You =)

Pemanis mulut, pembuka bicara

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh dan salam sejahtera hendaknya. Pertama sekali, mari kita panjatkan segala pujian buat Allah S.W.T dan selawat serta salam ke atas junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. Nama saya adalah Ameer Razzie Rizzuan dan ini adalah langkah pertama saya dalam penulisan blog. Saya akan cuba untuk menulis dengan baik disamping berkongsi cerita, maklumat, tips-tips menarik, cetusan idea, luahan rasa dan juga berkongsi pengalaman dengan anda semua, Insya-Allah. Saya harap anda semua akan teruja untuk terus menyusuri blog saya dari semasa ke semasa. Mengenai blog ini, saya akan menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia dan juga dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Segala macam idea dan komen membina akan saya terima dengan hati yang terbuka. Itu sahaja dari saya sebagai muqaddimah. =)