Friday, December 3, 2010

behind the name

Maybe you guys wander what is the real meaning behind this name that i chose for my blog. El Dia Del Amor is a spanish word that have meaning, 'The Days of Love'. Interesting isn't it? The reason for me to choose spanish word as a title is so simple, i just want something unique and different from anybody else. Why i use LOVE as subject? Don't get me wrong here, it's not that i want to be a new Romeo in modern era or whatsoever. I just want us to feel that everyday we live our life is based on love itself. Everyone have their own favorite things to do and if we keep doing the thing that we like again and again, before we know it, we will fall in love with it more deeply. As for myself, i like playing basketball. When playing basketball i got to feel many things inside me like anger, excitement and also pain (when losing to other team). When i kept repeated the same activities over and over again, i fall in love with the game. The bonds that i have with my other friends when in the game  is also very valuable for myself. We had so many fun teasing one another, laugh together and thats not something that you can achieve without LOVE. From other perspective especially for Muslim, without the love of Allah our Khaliq (creator), we are nothing compare to other living things. Allah gave us many gifts that we CAN'T never afford to pay back. From the moment we get out from our mother's womb until the very end of our life, the love of Allah will never fade away. We need to be grateful for that.
OK, i think thats the end of the line, hope to see you guys soon....
Peace Be Upon You =)

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